Our Story

The strong appeal to create a model short and long term accommodation for local and international personalities unified as a group of green and legendary entrepreneurs with experience from different exposures towards building a sustainable corporate brand of hospitality podium in the name called Silverland Hotel and Suites.

Silverland hotel and suites is a product of long research lunched to deliver excellent services next to non in the hospitality world at affordable rates. Our project robust foundations are location, structure, equipment, networking and comfortable services.

Primarily we considered a choice popular landmark location to give prospective customers round the clock accessibility.  Silverland is located at No.68 Emeka Anyaoku Street in Area 11, right behind Radio House, Force Head Quarters and International Conference Center with the Central monument subjoining in close rage at the boundary of Central Business Area in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nigeria. This location is very visible on the Google Map and can link effectively.

Every taxi or transport system is familiar with our location at ease. The distance to the airport is about 30kilometers and the distance to the major Rail Terminal is 8kilometers. The Hotel is directly accessible from two gates facing two major roads at front is Emeka Anyaoku and behind Area 3 road running through to Wuse market.

Architectural portrait of Silverland is an Italian gothic building standing on a 1500 square meter land, covered in colorful ash and coffee ceramics.  It has thirty three tastefully furnished rooms to suit demands in standard, deluxe, royal, executive royal and suites. Silver land has studio rooms presented to award winning guests as a token remark. There is a newly attached support silver rails on entrance stairs leading into the reception through an automatic silver plated slide doors. There are two halls, one is a mini- meeting hall and the other is 50 seater main- hall for multiple functions.

The gym is sited at the back close to the outside bar with industrial trade mill, table tennis board, pressure cycles, pushup base etc. our trainers were groomed to manage eager customers in every exercise including aerobics, anaerobic  and body building.

Silverland kitchen and dining is an unforgettable experience for tasty African / intercontinental dishes. Our list is unending with room service at demend.

The bar is brilliant with assorted drinks rising from beverages to excellent wines and spirits served in the regular lounge with VIP kedge for exclusive customers.

Networking is the latest civilization of the mundane world and we take it seriously, hence the development of online transaction medium for our customers. There is availability of boundless internet access within the premises to support our customer’s communication within and beyond the boundaries of Nigeria, irrespective of network.

We have in mind that some of our clients will need movement assistance from the airport, rail / bus terminals and other entries, therefore air-conditioned vehicles is dispatched on demand to pick or deliver effectively.

Silverland hotel and suites is interconnected to other hotels of reputable records to boost confidence of anticipated clients wishing to occupy more rooms than is currently available.

Our mission remains the pursuit of excellence of service at affordable rate while our Vision is to hypothetically occupy the expanse of hospitality in the twenty first century.

For the management:

Felix Chukwurah.

General Manager.